Hungary - Danube Bend | Esztergom - Visegrád - Szentendre

Danube Bend is one of the most beautiful part of Hungary and it is really close to Budapest. North of Budapest stretches the there are three historical towns in an amazing natural environment. Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre, the three most beautiful cities in the Danube Bend. This tour is ideal for people who want to combine history with nature and would like to enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside in Hungary.

Duration: 4-8 hrs

Tour Type: Private - Half day tour

Departure: Budapest

Service: Meet and greet, Hotel pick-up and drop-off

Available: Groups and individual guests

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Danube Bend:

Esztergom, Visegrád, Szentendre

8 hours

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Esztergom was the medieval capital of Hungary.

Esztergom cathedral is the biggest catholic church in Hungary and is still the centre of the Catholic Church. The interior of the church is no less impressive with its domed ceiling, intricate paintings, and ornate organ. The views from the church over the river and Slovakia are amazing. The Danube becomes the international frontier and from there we have a wonderful view over the Slovakian side too.

Visegrád is a small castle town on Danube.

It has city rights since 2000. The name Visegrád is of Slavic origin, its meaning is "upper castle" or "upper fortification”. Visegrád has the most dramatic scenery of all the Danube Bend towns. After the Mongol invasion a new fortification was constructed here in the mid-13th century. Charles Robert made Visegrad a royal seat in 14th century. The Salomon Tower and Visegrád Citadel have spectacular views over the Danube River.

Szentendre - museums, galleries, art workshops, traditional Hungarian dishes.

Szentendre is a small baroque town where the river Danube meets the Pilis hills, in a beautiful natural setting. The colorful town that was built upon medieval ruins and up the narrow streets to a 360-degree view of the river and sprawling city below.

Szentendre - Fő tér is the heart of the town, the historical centre which often called as Artists' Village or the Painters, since a lot of artist moved there. Lots of cafes, galleries, restaurants, wine cellars, cobblestoned narrow streets, baroque houses and very friendly atmosphere makes your trip memorable here. Confectionery Museum of Szamos marzipan with the richest collection of marzipan figures, the Mikrominiatures Museum – where the gold objects can be seen only under microscope.

Royal Palace, Gödöllő: Grassalkovich Museum, Queen Elisabeth.

The golden age of this town coincides with the life of Antal Grassalkovich at the 18th century. The Royal Palace (also named as Grassalkovich Palace) is one of the most important and the largest baroque buildings and the in Hungary. In its long history it belonged also to Queen Elisabeth, it was the summer residence of Admiral Horthy’s. The Palace Museum is now complete, the visitors can see the rooms which once were occupied by Francis Joseph and Queen Elisabeth, and the exhibition devoted to Queen Elisabeth. There are 31 renovated royal suites and the ceremonial hall.

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Hungary - Danube Bend it is really close to Budapest: Esztergom, Visegrád, Szentendre, Royal Palace, Gödöllő, Grassalkovich Museum, Queen Elisabeth.